Imagistic Counselling exists to help each client develop an advance awareness of self and purpose, and to excellently guide clients into a lifetime of happiness and holistic development (spiritual/moral; mental; emotional; physical and social) with integrated creative counselling techniques.

Imagistic Counselling seeks to provide excellent professional counselling services to each client.

Imagistic Counselling is of the belief that each client has the ability to live a happy, productive and balanced life, and can have a positive impact on his or her community. Further, each client must be given the opportunity to explore self and immerse in positive thinking, feeling and behaviours. The exposure to training and counselling will encourage self-awareness and will guide individuals to engage in a lifetime of learning, healing and personal development.

Imagistic Counselling

About Us

Imagistic Counselling is a registered professional counselling business in Antigua and Barbuda. This counselling business was founded in July 2011 by Mrs Aurica Williams Edwards - she is a certified counsellor and educator. This professional counselling business was developed because there was an urgent need in Antigua and Barbuda for affordable professional counselling services. Additionally, during the past years the team has conducted life skill and leadership training sessions for the public. We provide creative and confidential counselling services to our clients. Thank you for choosing Imagistic Counselling.