Imagistic Counselling exists to help each client develop an advance awareness of self and purpose, and to excellently guide clients into a lifetime of happiness and holistic development (spiritual/moral; mental; emotional; physical and social) with integrated creative counselling techniques.

Imagistic Counselling seeks to provide excellent professional counselling services to each client.

Imagistic Counselling is of the belief that each client has the ability to live a happy, productive and balanced life, and can have a positive impact on his or her community. Further, each client must be given the opportunity to explore self and immerse in positive thinking, feeling and behaviours. The exposure to training and counselling will encourage self-awareness and will guide individuals to engage in a lifetime of learning, healing and personal development.

Imagistic Counselling

Business Profile

Imagistic Counselling is a registered professional counselling business in Antigua and Barbuda. This counselling business was founded in July 2011 by Mrs Aurica Williams-Edwards. She is a certified counsellor and educator. This professional counselling business was developed because there was an urgent need in Antigua and Barbuda for affordable professional counselling services. During the past eleven (11) years the team has conducted life skill and leadership training sessions for the public. In addition, we have successfully helped many clients with various psychosocial issues. Our target groups are youths, young adults and middle adults. Imagistic Counselling offers counselling in the following areas: Positive Behaviour Management (BPM), Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), stress management, depression, grief and loss, marital issues, career assessment and guidance, substance misuse and family therapy.

Aurica Williams-Edwards DPL; BA; MA (Hons)


Mrs Aurica Williams - Edwards is a past student of the Antigua Girls’ High School and the Antigua State College. She has a first degree in Christian Education (major Human Resource Management and Missiology) and Master of Arts in Counselling.

Mrs Williams - Edwards is a trained secondary school teacher and has been teaching teenagers and adults for over twenty (20) years. Her teaching experience includes planning and -onducting national development workshops in Antigua for youths and adults. Mrs Williams – Edwards is a part time lecturer at the Antigua State College. She believes that education is significant for personal development.

In addition, Mrs Williams - Edwards has been actively counselling for over twelve (12) years - she worked as a counsellor at various organizations which include Trinity College East, Trinidad (Guidance Department); St. Mary’s Children Home, Trinidad and The Boys Training School, Antigua (Guidance Department). She is currently a school counsellor at the Ministry of Education, Antigua and Barbuda and a trained substance misuse counsellor. Also, Mrs Williams – Edwards is the founder, director and the senior counsellor for Imagistic Counselling.

Mrs Williams- Edwards is married to an awesome man, Mr Luxmore Edwards. Her hobbies are art and craft, travelling and going to the beach.

Aurica Williams-Edwards

Harriet Warner DPL BA MA

Counsellor/Trainer/Marketing Personnel

Ms Harriet Warner is a past student of the Clare Hall Secondary School and the Antigua State College. She has a first degree in Theology with majors in Human Resource Management and Missiology.

Ms Warner has been working with the Ministry of Education, Antigua for the past sixteen years. She has worked as a youth worker with Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) and has over seventeen years of experience counselling youths and adults. Additionally, Ms Warner is a trained substance misuse counsellor.

Ms Warner is a proud mother of two adorable teenage girls and one adult adopted son. Her hobbies are baking, travelling and going to the beach.

Krystal Forbes-Thomas (BA, MA)

Counsellor/Trainer/Trauma Specialist

Mrs. Thomas, is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a past student of Scarborough Secondary School and University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies, sixth form. Her highest educational level is a Master of Art in Counselling.

Mrs. Thomas has experience in crisis and trauma - she worked in various institutions and areas. Some of these organizations are: De Leon and Associates, Families in Action, Probation Office Trinidad and Tobago, Children’s Authority Trinidad and Tobago and with the Dominican Ministry of Health. Mrs Thomas worked in areas such as child guidance counselling, rape, child abuse and neglect and debriefings after storm. Mrs. Thomas also had experience in business administration and sales. She has managed five (5) family businesses for over five (5) years and has held various leadership positions.